Wedding Bells in Denver

Thursday, July 1st, 2010 at 5:27 pm . By Dr Joy .

Spending time in Denver last week, you would have thought I traveled thousands of miles east rather than hundreds west.  This is because I participated in my first ever traditional Chinese wedding.  My niece married a man of Chinese descent and their wedding was quite loyal to his heritage.  Most fascinating was the Chinese tea ceremony which happened the day before the wedding.  The elders of the engaged gathered together – yes, I was considered an elder, sigh –  and offered the young couple marriage advice and money.  Being “the love doctor” certainly came in handy at this point.  One piece of advice I gave then was to make sure to tell each other one thing you like about the other everyday.  Something tells me, though, that they may have enjoyed the money better.  The actual wedding itself was more traditional American, with the exception of a show of traditional Chinese swords mixed with good old-fashioned soapy bubbles.  The whole thing was really pretty elaborate and unlike anything I had ever seen.  Needless to say, after all was said and done, I think my other nieces and nephews might have been thinking to themselves “maybe I’ll just elope.”