We All Love to Dance!

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 at 5:53 pm . By Dr Joy .

So, I’ve been living it up in the city lately. Running to show, parks, concerts, food cart stands, brooklyn, you name it. This is the most dynamic city on earth, and it’s only getting better! I meet tons of cool people everywhere, everyday….And of coarse I tell Dr. Joy of the great happenings! She really loves this city, and we often come together with crazy stories from our days in the city.

Next up.

Water Taxi Beach, I’ll let you know how it goes- This is a place that brings in sand, and water, where you lounge, and get some sunlight with your friends. Weirdly, you get a beautiful view of….the city, and skyscrapers!

But, it wouldn’t be as much fun, and interesting without that skyline.