Upcoming events and some news

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 at 11:18 am . By Dr Joy .

Hey folks,

Just wanted to take a quick moment to remember that today is Pearl Harbor Day. As Franklyn D. Roosevelt said “A day that will go down in infamy.” I’ve actually visited and its eerie and sad; that generations September 11 and WTC.

Tomorrow we are taking the show on the road and will be remote at Liz Claiborne for Domestic Violence Week. Also, next week we will be broadcasting live from Englewood Hospital in New Jersey. Tickets for that are currently on sale and benefits go towards Englewood Hospital. For $15.95 you got lunch, a New Jersey Lottery ticket and cute lil ole me. The perfect gift for someone who has everything. You can order tickets at 877 864 3648 but they’re not available day of, so get to it.

Just some quick little tid-bits for everyone.

Tangled beat out Harry Potter in the box office over the weekend, Tangled bringing in 21 million and Potter getting 17 million.

Also some interesting news out of Facebook this week. People can now receive their MBA through Facebook with an app by the London School of Business Finance. Over 30,000 students have enrolled and they estimate close to 500,000 will be enrolled with in the next year. Personally I find this to be ludicrous but I am interested in hearing what you have to say about it. What happens is, students can download and watch lectures online and then they pay money to take the tests. We figured it would be around $750 per tests accumulating to around $23,000 to obtain an MBA in business.

I want to ask you if you would consider trying this online Facebook school. Would you hire a person who acquired their degree online?

Also, what kind of things do you buy online?

And of course if anything else is on your mind let me know!

– Dr. Joy Browne