Timing and Sequence are Everything

Monday, May 9th, 2011 at 12:25 pm . By Dr Joy .

Today was a slow news day.  At least it certainly seemed that way when I heard our flagship newsroom’s top story was the passing of Michael Walker.  Michael Walker, you say?  To those of us who vaguely recognize the name (one of the founders of the 1960’s group the Walker Brothers, remember that hit “The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore?”) go us!  For the rest of the majority curiously staring at this page wondering who’s Michael Walker and why they need to urgently know this bit of newsroom information, this is what we refer to as a “slow news day.” 

Alas, slow news days do have a bright side and today’s reminded me of a story I heard long ago about a rocky flight between Washington DC and New York City.  The star-studded passenger list included Jackie Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, and Carol Burnett.  After landing safely, Ms. Burnett commented on the perilous flight stating, “thank God it didn’t crash, I would have gotten 3rd billing!” 

You can’t help on days like today but think how true that statement really is.  The moral of the story: die on a slow news day.  Timing and sequence are indeed everything