The Deal Finding Queen

Friday, August 5th, 2011 at 11:59 am . By Dr Joy .

The other night I went to see the Smurfs screening, which was an early screening, so I didn’t get to grab food beforehand and by the time it got out, I was STARVING!  I saw a Chevy’s nearby and I remembered that I had tried it in San Francisco a while back and thought it was really fresh and delicious Tex-Mex food.  I like Mexican food, though I don’t eat it very often because it’s bad for you, but I saw that they had this great deal there, a three course dinner for $15.99!  We got a large salad, chicken fajitas, and fried ice cream for dessert!  It was a great find.  I seem to be becoming the deal finder in the city these days.  Just the other day I went to Ruth Chris’ steak house, which has this great Happy Hour menu from 3-6:30pm.  Everything on the menu is eight bucks, including sliders, ahi-tuna, shrimp, chicken sliders, and it’s all fantastic!  Usually, between those hours, restaurants are completely dead, but this place was completely full!  I guess with such a great deal, why wouldn’t they be?  I’m sure they make up the money in pricey drinks because the food is quite hot and salty, thus making you drink more.  Lucky for me, I don’t drink.  It’s a smart deal all the way around.

While I was at Chevy’s, I couldn’t help but hear one lady ask the waiter why they put calorie counts on the menus.  Meanwhile, most of the people at the table were over 400 lbs. (though the kids were only around 200).  I thought to myself ‘because some of us want to know.’  A recent study showed that those who eat at restaurants with calorie counts on it end up eating up to 100 calories less than those who ate at restaurants without the calorie counts on the menu.  So it’s certainly doing something for those who want to know.  I like having it on Chevy’s menu, because it helps to decide between certain things on the menu depending on whether you want to cut back or indulge.  The Chicken Fajitas were only like 700 calories; go me!