Thanksgiving Vacation

Friday, December 3rd, 2010 at 8:26 am . By Dr Joy .

Hello kiddos,

So for my Thanksgiving vacation I went off to visit my kidlet and her bf in Seattle. I booked this trip months in advance and it seemed like a good idea…yeah, to fly across country on the busiest day of the year..yeah, great idea. I find myself doing that alot planning in advance long ago you’re really excited and you just can’t wait to go. However, as the date approaches, don’t you find yourself thinking why the heck was I thinking?

Anyway, the trip turned out to be terrific. I was a little nervous about all the flying issues that have been in the news recently regarding the TSA and all the super machines that x-ray your body and what not. But, it turned out that JFK Airport didn’t even have them installed yet. I got right through with plenty of time to spare to relax and watch some DVDs and read my junk novel.

Finally we got on the plane and let me tell you one thing. If you are on a plane with me you do not want to be sitting near me. No matter what there seems to be a baby within two seats of me crying for the entire flight. Other than that, I’m your basic charming flyer: I mind my own business, get up to date with my movies and my books, and even might spring for lunch for a nice lady because she only had cash and the flight only accepted credit cards.

We had an amazing holiday. My kid is a great cook, she loaned us her car tp Vancouver which is a beautiful city. The mountains over look the water. It is very high-spirited and the Olympics just took place there recently so it still has a certain aura about it there. My only real complaint about Canada is that the American dollar sucks. In fact, I think the Canadian dollar is just about the same as the American dollar and it never used to be that way.

Aerial view of beautiful Vancouver

That and Canadian customs: I think they hate me ever since I couldn’t believe I needed a passport: I told em I declared boots and the guy nearly fainted. He thought I said booze…sigh.

Security was tighter in Seattle then in New York… go figure. When I went through security I was immediately stopped. They were wary of my CD player that I had received as a gift. They told me they needed to check the wiring. Now, my response to that was do what you go to do. These people are working hard to serve us and make us safe and I have no problems by any means letting then do whatever they feel necessary. However, I find it a bit ridiculous when they make you check your luggage even though it would fit in the overhead compartments. I really think it’s a money making scam but they made me do it anyway. Cost me 25 bucks!

All and all I had a wonderful little vacation. Stress free and saw some amazing sites. I want to hear about all your vacation stories, your experiences at the airports, and anything else you want to talk about.

-Dr. Joy Browne