A friend of mine recently had a very bad weekend and asked me “how she could focus on the new week ahead. And how do you do it?” I told her take a deep breath and understand that if worrying about things actually made them better, than we’d all be a lot happier, but it doesn’t! So just stop! Worrying about things just makes things worst, it brings on stress, causes you to be inattentive and you aren’t as productive. Feeling panicky never helps at all. What you have to do is figure out a plan and move forward.

I teach square breathing and visualization, but my mom’s anecdote to all of this was to say very simply “In 500 years, who will know and who will care?” She’s more or less right, but if it isn’t that easy for you to take mom’s advice, what you can do is understand the difference between strategy and tactic.

Strategy is what you do when there’ s nothing to do. A tactic is what you plan to do once there’s something that can be done. One is a theoretical plan, the other the implementation of a plan- how do I get it done? It’s all about planning and action. If you are worrying about something that you can’t do anything about right now because you are at work, at an event, you have to wait on someone else, or its halfway across the world, you create a plan for when you can act. Worry keeps you stationary, and action will get you moving. “A” happened, so now I am going to do this, is tactic. If “A” happens I’m going to do this, is strategy.

One of the tragically amazing things about catastrophic events in Japan, is the relationship we’ve seen foster between Japan and China. Notorious adversaries for centuries, yet the humanitarian spirit of compassion and love has seemed to bring them together and its wonderful to behold. In fact people all over the world are on their way there or there to help.  Worrying about Japan isn’t going to help them, but the human spirit of action, effort and change will. Take that “worry”!