Making Up With Woody

So guess what I did on Saturday morning, because I don’t see enough movies? I got up and went to the movies. Yeah I know I know. I’ve noticed there is a strange correlation between movies I have to pay for and movies I don’t like at all. Go figure. I always ask my colleagues as well as my self would you pay for the movie / show you just saw?

Sometimes they will even send me a DVD screener, although some may argue that it isn’t the same as the theater experience. But I love a screener, I like to avoid people talking on cell phones, someone eating nachos or someone arguing with their kid. Am I sounding cranky? But I digress, I saw Woody Allen’s new movie, Midnight in Paris, and its really good, sweet and entertaining. We sort of got out the habit of Woody Allen movies because we got out of the habit of Woody Allen. We loved his past work, the care and compassion was always great. It sort of took a turn when we stopped liking him because of his shenanigans and the movies became a little cruel. But apparently all is forgiven. Thank You Woody.

There is a French “dignitary” who has been harassing and assaulting female hotel staff. I bring that up only because one of the lines in the movie was “you’re so French”. I know I digress.

I also saw bridesmaids, which I didn’t like very much and I really wanted to. I don’t mind silly movies but what I didn’t like was the notion that women hate each other. And slapping a generic sentimental ending doesn’t make up for it. It’s so demeaning that we perpetuate this stereotype on ourselves. It just had a nasty overtone, as opposed to Hangover, which was just silly fun amongst men.