What to Wear

This a funny time of year, when I woke up this morning, the sky was completely foggy but being the little meteorologist that I am I said “hmmmm air temperature warmer then the water” Hooray, it’s gonna be a warm day! My engineer John still sticks his finger in his mouth then holds it in the air to determine the forecast, but I googled to double check and sure enough Spring was in the air. I check the weather to know what to wear. I wouldn’t want to wear suede in the rain or wear a mini skirt in the freezing cold! But I was so excited about the 75 degrees and sunny skies guys! Yay! I have been so tired of wearing black. Today In fact I am wearing, a sundress with a sweater and cowboy boots. I know the guys are reading this like I’m from another galaxy since men generally wear the same thing regardless of the season or weather, not fun at all.

Well for the women in the population, it’s really interesting to watch how we adjust to the weather. We try to dress weather accordingly. It’s a tricky thing; you don’t want to be dressed too long in the old season because then you’ll look completely clueless on the other hand you don’t want to dress to soon into the new season other wise you are going to look “out to lunch” . So you kind of have to somehow split the difference between what the season and temperature is.

I went on vacation once and the airline lost my luggage. They are so used to losing your luggage that they now buy toothbrushes in bulk and then hand you over a $46 check. Thank you very much; I’ll try not to spend it all in one place. But I digress, they lost my luggage and I was on an island for 3 days with no stores, no clothing ahh! I had blue jeans, a t –shirt, flip-flops, windbreakers and a bathing suit. I found that having a bathing suit handy is worthwhile whether they lose your luggage or not because while you are waiting to get settled in your hotel, you can at least hang out by the pool or beach as soon as you get in.

Well on this particular vacation I happened to be on an island where every one was British and dressed up for dinner and I had to show up every night with the same blue jeans, wind breaker and t- shirt. On the 4th night my luggage finally arrived and I was finally able to get fancy for dinner. The entire dining hall stood up and applauded. I took a bow and realized I’d never over pack again. If I can’t fit it in one suitcase, it won’t go! The experience taught me how much time of our lives we spend planning what we are going to wear. The same idea came to mind when spring snuck into New York this morning. I’m loving it!