So you remember that Frank Sinatra song about “regrets”? Well, there’s a new study that polled about 400 people from the ages of 20 – 80, that asked them about their regrets. Regret is not one of my favorite emotions because it’s essentially feeling good, about feeling bad which I don’t believe in. But, the study was very interesting. First off, it seemed to concentrate on women, so should we assume that men are “regret-less”? My engineer John’s regrets included buying a car in the 90’s, that he initially thought was amazing but later discovered it was a lemon! He should of read my book on used car salesmen. It could have saved him a trip to small claims court and a lot of aggravation, but I digress. He and Pete also regretted logging in to their computers and having to set up mine here in the studio, that one hit close to home for me as well but I won’t get into it.

Can you guess what women’s number one regret was? Wait for it… Men! As if you didn’t see that coming. 44% of women and 19% of men listed romance as a regret. Not much of a surprise, since women generally invest more in relationships than men. The biggest complaint they found was that women stressed over the one that got away. The fantasy of what might have been lurks on. Women also complained about the one who was there, you know snoring, changing channels and leaving the toilet seat up, … the “chosen one”. Other regrets included family, education and career choices.

My regrets tend to focus much more at the moment. As you can imagine, I bring a certain amount of energy to a situation, so when something doesn’t turn out the way I expected I get disappointed and a bit frazzled. But at the end of the day, I do believe everything works out exactly the way they are supposed to, so my regrets are few and far in between. It works for me.