Refreshed after a cruise to Bermuda

The great part about going a cruise is how it completely immerses you into another world. I can compare it to going and getting pampered at a spa or salon. Being someone who is always on the go; always amidst the rat race in New York City, I can truly appreciate the seclusion of being out on the open seas. I was so fortunate that the weeks sandwiching my vacation were filled with rainy weather in Bermuda, but there was nothing but clear skies the week I was there!

It certainly helps that the vessel upon which I travel the open seas is a Norwegian Cruiseline boat. I have taken them several times before, this time to glorious Bermuda, and I have yet to be disappointed. Pampered? Yes. Entertained? Yes. Filled with magnificent food? Yes! Disappointed? No.

I particularly like this Bermuda cruise because I don’t have to take a plane to catch the boat. I just took a cab right to the dock, got aboard, and off we sailed. I swear that I could’ve walked to Bermuda faster than this boat was sailing. I’m told that we weren’t traveling any faster than 12mph.  With beautiful skies and calm waters my ship pulled into the Naval Dock in Bermuda where it would remain for the next three days.

Although you do tend to eat a lot when cruising, I managed to only gain two pounds during my entire vacation due to the fact that I took the stairs consistently when traveling to different levels and areas of the ship. This is more daunting, and takes more commitment, than you might think. But, cruising alone has proved to be a wonderful experience. I ate when I wanted, I slept when I wanted, I went onshore when I wanted, and took the steps without anyone else complaining. The only con of cruising alone is the lack of a dancing partner, and I’m not the type to approach strange men when traveling alone on a ship.

When I did take excursions onto land not only was I greeted by beautiful scenery, but fascinating history and people. I spent some time at St.George’s, which no one ever seems to visit when vacation in Bermuda. I watched a reenactment of what it was like for women in the stockades in the early days of Bermuda being a British Colony that made me sick to my stomach. And realized we haven’t gotten far enough as a society when I spoke with a young Indian woman who was in the middle of being arranged into marriage.

After three days of bliss it was time to return. And although my cab driver was rude and wouldn’t help me with my bags, and got into a car accident on our way back, and even though I had major phone and email problems, things, and me, are as calm as the seas I traveled on.