Do you ever lose anything… I mean other than your marbles, which doesn’t count My producer Pete, lost his cell phone which caused chaos, my assistant lost her keys and I…(clear some space as I prepare to faint), lost my favorite pair of boots. Ughh! The cell phone caused chaos, the keys caused panic, but somehow my boots are incredibly frustrating… well that and John’s watch he lost back in 1988.

The joke is that there is this magical genie in the washing machine that comes out to steal the socks. You put 2 in and get one back. Well listen up genie! I want my boots back and I want them now!

A long time ago, I lost my grandmother’s brooch and it drove me nuts! I spent both money and time searching for it. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result. I remember seeing “The Trip to Bountiful” You know the movie about the seniors getting stuck on a bus. Well this is where the superstitious part of me comes in. I somehow convinced myself that my grandmother’s ghost came down and took the brooch back. I know I know… but it comforted me… but I digress … I want my boots back!