So if you were able to see the grin on my face you’d know that chocolate is back in my life…Ahh “The angels have descended upon my taste buds once again. 47 days without chocolate. This was a long lent. I know it’s suppose to be 40 days, so I’m no sure how that extra week snuck in there but it did, and I did it!

So yesterday, Easter Sunday, I woke up to a long trail of chocolate dove candies wrapped in foil. They lead me out of my bedroom into the hall, went down the stairs and then straight into my kitchen. At the end of this delicious trail, I found a bunny, black forest cake, chocolate mousse cake, brownies; I mean it was a serious chocolate overload. I now weigh 45 pounds more than I did on Saturday and I look like a raspberry but I’m feeling like a happy camper!

My producer Pete had an Easter dinner with his in – laws then later conducted an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Someone told me years ago, when my daughter was young, to number the Easter eggs as you dye them. The idea being that, there is always one egg you forget about and goes missing until you smell something wretched. Then you find yourself Easter egg hunting all over again. Pete held his Easter egg hunt in his Mom’s back yard so a bear, squirrel or raccoon will probably find it for him. Smart man.

Another funny story that I get to tell once a year comes from my college days. As you may or may not know, I grew up in a household of 5 brothers and sisters and not much money. My mom had ingenious ways of cutting corners.

So fast forward to my freshman year of college, where I was sort of the rah rah kid as you can imagine. “Come on everybody, let’s do “this”!” was my motto. Well that year I invited all my new buds over for an Easter egg hunt at my room. So much to my surprise everyone showed up on Sunday and I’m like “What are you doing here?” “Umm Easter egg hunt” they replied. “But It’s Sunday” I replied knowingly “Easter egg hunts are always on the Monday after Easter. They are always on Monday”. Everyone laughed hysterically.

Turns out my mom had cleverly figured out that if you bought eggs on the Saturday before Easter they would be regular price but if you bought them the Monday after, they’d be half price. I mean we’d get the bunnies, the chocolate eggs, the Easter baskets, and the whole shebang. She had us utterly convinced that Easter egg hunts happened on Monday. I called her crying, “ how could you?” in my freshman voice, neither the first or the last time. She had an ingenious way of making do. So for those of you having your Easter egg hunt today, how clever…It’s half price.