People always ask me how my weekend was. I never really remember. I usually answer in the very mundane and generic “it was good” or “great”, without really thinking about it. But this weekend I did do two memorable things. I dealt with a friend who was sick, and who gave my “Dr.” title a whole new job description. What is it with you guys when you get sick? He literally rolled his eyes back in his head, assuring me he was on his deathbed as I assured him that he simply had the same head cold as everyone else in America. Calling Doctor Browne…Doctor Browne???

Second thing I did was visit duh, duh, duh, Costco! I know, I know I’ll excuse you while you fight to contain your excitement. First off, I didn’t know anything about Costco. I was first introduced to Costco in a place you’d never expect …wait for it… Maui! It was amazing. But lets be serious, being exposed to anything in Maui for the first time would be.

For those of you who don’t know about Costco, they have these little sample treats for people located in every aisle, kind of like the grocery stores used to do. I know people must go there just for lunch. Free food and bulk shopping yippee! Now there’s one in New York. It’s on 116th by the FDR and it’s a field trip to get to if you don’t have a car.
I actually ran into four people I knew, which was quite hilarious. Costco fever was in the air and it was fun!

I went on a Saturday, which was totally not a good idea at all! But I suppose going anywhere on a clear blue Saturday is never a good idea… but I digress. You should go!

My friend and coworker Rob was there, he goes every weekend. On top of that, he runs there so he literally buys as much as he can carry and runs back home. That was the other issue for us, how much you could take home without a car. You really do need one. Perhaps its better that I didn’t though, I probably would have brought the whole store home. So my weekend was…umm “great”.