Charlie Sheen

When I first started this program, I learned early on to avoid talking about and interviewing celebrities on the show. Not because I didn’t like them, I generally think they are wonderful people. I just thought that most celebrity interviews were contrived and each celebrity had an agenda. To sort of steer them away from that course, when I did have a celebrity on, I would ask somewhat “rude” questions. For example I asked Anne Landers if she swore and Ted Williams “what was it like growing up without a father?”. You’d think the celebrities would have avoided me, but exactly the opposite happened. By using that mechanism I sold more books, received more listeners and got more people into theaters than anyone. My interviews were able to make the celebrities “human” and they felt personal. I did this because I cared.

Recently I have been urged to talk about the “Charlie Sheen” dilemma on my program. Because he is the highest paid actor on TV, he has the highest rated show on Monday nights and quite honestly because he has run a muck as you all know. His first soirée into his issues, a few months back in New York with the prostitute, I think I mentioned in passing. But I generally have just avoided speaking on or about him because for one, I think celebrities spend too much time trying to be noticed and two, it’s enabling and three I hear he is in real trouble emotionally and would rather not exploit the situation or his misery.

While I fall into the “media” category like my fellow brethren and sistren, I also have another job. I am a clinical psychologist and while some people can say “look, I didn’t know it was gonna be harmful”, I can’t get away with that. That’s what my background is, that’s what my schooling is and that’s where my mind, passion and heart are. I want to do no harm and I certainly don’t want to hurt people.

He is a man more to be pitied than exploited. There is clearly a major problem here and he needs help. His father Martin Sheen had him arrested a few years back. When asked why he did it, he said “I am trying to save his life” and I guess, in a way I am too.