So I attended the BAFTA awards recently; it actually stands for the British Academy of Film Television and Arts. It is the British version of the American Academy awards and are also sort of the precursor to the Oscars, which are 2 weeks away. It was interesting to say the least. They have a whole different system of nominations but some themes still overlap.

One of their awards, “Outstanding British Film Award” was noteworthy I guess. Think you could guess what it was? No, it had nothing to do with “Monty Python” lol and I loved to say you’re close but if you guessed that, well I digress… So the award went to surprise surprise…”The King’s Speech” which I loved.

Some other fun moments included Sir Paul McCartney presenting some fun staging and upsets, one of which was when the director of The Social Network, David Fincher beat Tom Hooper director of the King’s Speech. Wow, In your Face! USA! It was fun. David even joke that he couldn’t be excited because his sitting next to Annette Benning and a Beatle had him maxed him out. Cute… But don’t fret my lovely Brits, The King Speech won 7 of its 13 nominations… so there!

Another great appearance occurred when 88 yr old Christopher Lee, from all of those wonderful horror movies and of course the epic Lord of the Rings, won the Brits own Fellowship award. He was excited because Tim Burton gave him the award and he loved him so much. Sweet.

Sitting there at the awards made me think that the Brits generally give better acceptance speeches, don’t you think? They sound a bit more “literate” …maybe it’s just the accents though. Coincidentally, do you know what accent the Brits think is the coolest in America? No, not Brooklyn, ironically it’s the southern style. They like it because it’s the closest to the language of Shakespeare. If you think about it though it actually makes sense. A lot of the people who immigrated to America went there, well after Plymouth Rock. But you get the point. Besides I have a southern drawl, New Orleans born kid that I am.

Outstanding debut by a British writer, director, producer went to a film called “Four Lions” which I hadn’t seen. Apparently there are four Jihadist who are the Hogan’s Heroes of terrorism. I didn’t find this at all amusing but Britain has a different sense of humor than we do.

The most ironic thing of the night was the venue choice for the NY showing. You’ll never guess it. The sophisticated British, home and language to the great Shakespeare, world of refinement and elegance was held at …(wait for it) Mickey Mantles… Too ironic, I found it quite humorous.