Auto Show

Auto Show

I made my amazing pilgrimage to the auto show and it was great as always. As you may or may not know I love cars. My dissertation was actually about cars. It was called the Used Car Game so it helps that I know a little about them. So right out the gate, you arrive and see 30 – 40 Jags parked outside on the sidewalk, all at the same angle! These are the current, past and future Jags. The Vintage jags were phenomenal. Great looking cars and I was blown away. I immediately went to find the marketing genius behind the Jag display.

I walk in and the show’s divided into two large display areas where they have the low priced cars in one area and the expensive cars in another. So I kind of go in and take a very quick look at the “conveniently priced” cars then I made a mad dash over to the “dream vehicles” hooray! Sorry GM … It’s just that I really didn’t want to take the chance of being tempted by an affordable car, because quite frankly, I don’t need one. Well first off I live in New York, the subway is so convenient and with parking, gas and all the etc’s, it’s just not necessary.

So I go look at the Porsches, the Jags and Ferraris. They even had Aston Martins. I was in heaven! At some point they do start to look alike but they were still an amazing amount of fun to see.

I ended up finding the coordinator behind the great Jag display I spoke about earlier. I asked her how much it cost to get together. “I’m not at liberty to say” she said in her snooty voice. Yikes! And I said “well it was a great idea” and all of a sudden her snooty attitude melted away. I then asked the marketing director “how many of them were going to be in the royal wedding and he said… “8 –10 of them”. My Joydar was on point! So now you know. You heard it here first!

I had my picture taken with a smart car completely covered in rhinestones. I know, I know… but it was fun. And because I wore stripes, he had me also take photos with a hounds tooth smart car as well. The trend seemed to be that the fast cars are even faster and green was definitely the theme. They were definitely pushing the hybrids and I think it was a terrific thing. By the way if you are a single woman looking for a date, get yourself a first class ticket to the car show. You won’t be disappointed.