Stressed out? Maybe you should move…

Friday, April 26th, 2013 at 4:40 pm . By Dr Joy .

At least if you live in the top stressed states in the United States! West Virginia takes the top spot this year with almost 50% of the residences saying their stressed on any given day of the year, followed by Rhode Island, Kentucky, Utah, and Massachussets. However, if you happen to live in Hawaii, only 32% of residences would say they are stressed. With those beautiful beaches and everyone who visits referring to the state as “paradise,” what could one be stressed about?

For the past five years, Hawaii has consistently ranked as the least stressed state, while West Virginia, Kentucky, and Utah have been among the most stressed states. Despite this, Utah residents join Hawaii residents in reporting among the highest levels of enjoyment in the U.S., while West Virginia and Kentucky residents report some of the lowest levels of enjoyment.

While the relationship between stress and enjoyment is not clear, states with the highest stress levels tend to report less daily enjoyment. Further investigation into what drives stress, how it impacts people, and ways to mitigate its effects are important, as 40% of American adults consistently report experiencing it a lot of the day “yesterday.”

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Do you live in a stressed “state?” What stresses you?

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