Reinforce Positive Behavior!

Monday, July 30th, 2012 at 8:15 am . By Dr Joy .

Hi Guys and Gals and All Readers,

Today June 30th, 2012 tons is happening around here. The phones are ringing and the advice is being given. The more I work here the more I realize how many people go through the same up’s and down’s in life. It is eye opening to listen to callers on a regular basis and compare and contrast how people share so many of the same isbsues. It is inspiring to work with Dr. Joy because her advice is so readily available and spot on! Today we are talking about how to fight the heat, Joys spa trip parental issues and more!

Our first question that came up today was, How do people cope In the heat? Well on our show we give you plenty of tips to use. First off, short sleeves and less clothing is a MUST and drink as much water as possible! Do not take small kids our even pets out it is just simply too hot. The heat is uncomfortable and can be dangerous! Personally, I agree with Dr. Joy that when it comes to the heat most people can seem sluggish and irritable and I am the first to admit I am one of them. It is always stressful to deal with the heat especially when you are sensitive to the sun, that is why I always wear a hat and spf 50! After we discussed our morning topics a caller named Edward asked Joy a weight related question. This gentleman had unintentionally offended a family member on weight too much, not thinking this was a big deal. I think family problems are quit hard to fix and it really depends on the people and situation. There was an interesting dynamic on the next few calls which is all about parents and kids.

The second caller talked about how his eldest daughter refuses to speak to him and feels that his ex wife is unfairly discussing him when he is not around. The following caller, Marissa is an eighth grade girl age 14 who called stressing about her upcoming dance. She was scared she will feel left out from her group of friends at school. Joy advises that all of us have bad days where we don’t feel great it is common. The answer is to not let it bother you, do something else like dance, call a friend, run a mile do something that reminds you that you are okay and will eventually be okay. There are always options we never have to turn everything down. Today is the day to reinforce positive behavior!