My New Facebook Page!

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 at 10:38 am . By Dr Joy .

Hey Kiddos!

As you all know I am not into making Facebook a place where I write out what I am doing every second of the day. I guess  people like to broadcast their business because they enjoy the feeling of being “famous”.  I do believe this site is great to reaching out to people if you have events or businesses out there. However I am trying something new and that is to reach out to all my listeners and fans out there via Facebook. So folks my new idea is to write questions or take suggestions from you guys and with your permission I will read your response on the air! Now this is something that I really like especially since not everyone can hear my show live, but I can still be connected to all of you lovely people.  So go on kiddos and add my page on facebook feel free to throw out some comments, I would love to see it!