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Sleepwalk With Me

Sleepwalk With Me – Theater Review SYNOPSIS In his theatrical debut, comedian Mike Birbiglia takes the audience on a hysterically funny and intensely personal journey through his struggles with sleepwalking and his reluctance to confront his fears of love, honesty …

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Uncle Vanya

Uncle Vanya – Theater Review SYNOPSIS Meet Uncle Vanya, the quintessential superfluous man, who wakes up one morning to discover he has wasted his life in the service of others. Experience Chekhov’s tragicomic masterpiece of dashed dreams, thwarted love, and …

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You’re Welcome America – A Final Night with George Bush

You’re Welcome America – A Final Night with George Bush – Theater Review SYNOPSIS After playing George W. Bush on Saturday Night Live for many years, funny man Will Ferrell brings his impression to Broadway to send up the 43rd …

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The Third Story

The Third Story – Theater Review SYNOPSIS Kathleen Turner joins playwright Charles Busch in a new comedy that delights in the stories we tell to make sense of our lives.The campy comedy tells three stories: a mother and son screenwriting …

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Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler – Theater Review SYNOPSIS A woman of dangerous independence restrained by a conventional marriage, the newly married Hedda (Mary-Louise Parker) mourns the freedom and excitement of her former life by indulging in a cruel game, amusing herself with …

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