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Exit The King

Exit The King – Theater Review SYNOPSIS A megalomaniacal ruler, King Berenger whose incompetence has left his country near ruin. JOY’S REVIEW Do you love Eugene Ionesco? If you do you’re in the vast minority. He writes Theater of the …

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Impressionsim – Theater Review SYNOPSIS Impressionism “is the story of a world traveling photojournalist and a New York gallery owner who discover each other and also that there might be an art to repairing broken lives,”. JOY’S REVIEW “Impressionism” stars …

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Humor Abuse

Humor Abuse – Theater Review SYNOPSIS The new one-man-show created by performer Lorenzo Pisoni (Equus, Last Dance) and director Erica Schmidt (Debbie Does Dallas).” It’s “the unique story of Pisoni’s upbringing as the youngest member of the Pickle Family Circus, …

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Hair – Theater Review SYNOPSIS Two young actors, Gerome Ragni and James Rado, who had become very close friends, were inspired to create a musical for the New York stage. HAIR was conceived and brought to its initial incarnation by …

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God Of Carnage

God Of Carnage – Theater Review SYNOPSIS Two ostensibly civilized married couples meet up to sort out a playground fight. The son of one couple (Jeff Daniels and Hope Davis) has broken two of the teeth of the son of …

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