You Cannot Start Without Me

Sunday, May 19 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 
You Cannot Start Without Me
You Cannot Start Without Me

You Cannot Start Without Me – Movie Review


As artistic director of St. Petersburg’s Marjinsky Theatre, principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra, and guest conductor of the Metropolitan Opera, Valery Gergiev is one of the world’s best — and busiest — conductors. This documentary from filmmaker Allan Miller follows a year in the life of the Russian conductor as he juggles his demanding schedule and shares insight into the art of conducting.


You Cannot Start Without Me is a documentary about Valery Gergiev who is the conductor of what used to be called the Kirov Ballet and Orchestra and is now called the Magiinsky Theater which used to be Leningrad, it’s now in St. Petersburg, (they just changed the name not the city), and he is truly a maestro. He is a force of nature. He’s very smart. And what you get to see is not only a fascinating man, but sort of a deconstruction of music appreciation 101 in that he will deal with the orchestra and say, no, you’re doing too much of something, do this, and three bars later you understand exactly what he meant and so do they. You get to see some things from The Ring Cycle. You get to see Brunehilda. You get to see Twilight of the Gods. You get to see some Swan Lake. So you get to see the ballet divas, you get to see the opera divas and you get to see some world class orchestras. This is a wonderful experience. Five stars.