Sunday, May 19 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 



WONDERLAND is the delightful, soaring musical that takes a new kind of Alice into a world of kaleidoscopic fantasy and romantic adventure. As a mom whose life is spinning out of control, Alice’s yearning for happier times leads her on a quest far below the streets of New York City, to the other side of the looking glass. There, she meets a marvelous cast of familiar but phenomenally re-imagined characters who help her navigate this impossibly peculiar universe, and change her life forever.


Wonderland is kind of a modern, hip take on Alice in Wonderland. And the first act, I thought was really kind of fun. The idea is that a separated parent is dealing with her daughter and she starts the show by singing this is the worst day of my life. And the little kid who plays Chloe is really a phenomenon. Her name is Carly Rose Sonenclar and she has a great voice, great breath control. She can act. She can dance. She can sing. I think she’s really going to be something. And she set the show off with a great deal of zest. I thought the first act was great fun. It was silly. It was fun. It had enough inside jokes. It had some over-the-top costumes. So I really liked it a lot. I wasn’t crazy, to be quite honest, about the second act. I think that it went someplace kind of dark and unclear, but I thought the first half was really great fun. For kids in America, especially little girls who are going to see Wicked, that they’ll enjoy this as well as — even though the mom is really playing the Alice. This other little girl is really terrific. I’d give it three stars.