Woman on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown

Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 


Based on Pedro Almodóvar’s 1988 film, the musical considers the plight of an actress whose lover has left her, putting into motion a dizzying set of complications, farcical comedy and some pretty potent gazpacho.


Woman on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown: I’d really love to love this. I like Pedro Almodovar a lot. The background is all Madrid and I was just in Madrid this summer. The cast is huge. There are 25 people in this cast. Sherri Renee Scott who was terrific last year in Everyday Raptures, is in it. Brian Stokes Mitchell is always good. And Laura Benanti who’s really the only one who comes off of this looking okay. Everybody else looks vaguely miscast. I mean the story is really sort of a mess: a woman who’s Spanish lover leaves her. The great Patti LuPone plays his wife.  Justin Guarini from American Idol plays his son, Carlos. It’s just sort of a mess. It’s stories interweave with one another. But the music is forgettable. The cast, by in large is miscast. A huge production that simply does not work very well. I’m not sure why. They may have been able to pare it down. I mean Pedro Almodovar movies are always kind of messy and emotional. But this one really just doesn’t work. And it’s a shame because clearly it’s a big cast and people wanted it to work and I’m sorry it didn’t. One star.