Wishful Drinking

Thursday, May 23 rd, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Wishful Drinking

Wishful Drinking

Wishful Drinking – Theater Review


In Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher recounts the true and intoxicating tale of her life as a Hollywood legend, told with the same wry wit she poured into bestsellers like Postcards from the Edge. The daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher became a cultural icon when she starred as “Princess Leia” in the first Star Wars trilogy at 19 years old. Forever changed, Carrie’s life did not stay picture perfect. Fisher is the life of the party in this uproarious and sobering look at her Hollywood hangover.


Wishful Drinking is Carrie Fisher’s autobiographical one-woman show. There’s no question that she’s engaging our Princess Leia as grown up, filled out, and gotten acerbic. The first act is terrific in that she’s talking about all of her lineage and Hollywood and we had just a great time in the first act. The problem is that it’s a one-woman show, and, like another one-woman show that I reviewed earlier, they work best at 90 minutes, not at two hours with an intermission. In the second act, unfortunately, not only is she tired, but she makes us tired because she’s talking about her addiction. We’ve heard it all before and I think most of us have somewhat limited tolerance for people who go through multiple rehabs, not because they’re not trying but because it’s the same stuff over and over again. So the first half definitely is lovely. She’s charming. The second half probably would have been better either abbreviated a bit or added on to the first half. What can I tell you? Two and a half stars.