Wild Grass

Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Wild Grass
Wild Grass

Wild Grass – Movie Review


A wallet lost and found opens the door to romantic adventure for Georges and Marguerite.


Wild Grass is the latest from Alain Renais who did Hiroshima Mon Amour among many things and was really part of the new wave cinema, the French new wave. Is now 87 years old and while you can still see the touches of his brilliance this will be needing some serious editing. Everybody walked out scratching their heads. The story is sort of a middle aged man who’s married to a young woman who for some reason is house bound. We’re not sure exactly why and seems to have inappropriate thoughts and there’s also a wild haired dentist whose pocket book is stolen. He finds the wallet and for some reasons wants to connect with her and for some unknown reason she wants to connect with him. I guess it’s about fate and obsession and love and whatever but it doesn’t really hold together very well. So while it’s wonderful to think of 87 year old people still working I think we need to have somebody who is a little younger doing some editing here. So I’ll give the movie two stars for entertainment. I suppose two and a half because he’s still in there fighting. This is a tough movie to really enjoy. The images, some of which are terrific. but if I give it more than two stars you’re going to be furious with me.