White Material

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 

White Material – Movie Review


Denis revisits Africa, this time exploring a place rife with civil and racial conflict. A white French family outlawed in its home and attempting to save its coffee plantation connects with a black hero also embroiled in the tumult. All try to survive as their world rapidly crumbles around them. Written by Pusan International Film Festival


“White Material” stars the great Isabelle Huppert as sort of an Isak Denesen woman who’s living, not in South Africa, but in someplace farther north in Africa which we are not sure about, where the usual genocide is going on with kids with guns killing policemen who are only slightly older kids with guns, and she’s running a coffee plantation. It seems like her father has left her the plantation. Her brother who is the wonderful Christopher Lambert, who we haven’t seen since Tarzan — or Greystokes The Story of Tarzan, is in this one. I liked the acting a lot. The problem is that we have seen so much of the genocide that goes on in Africa before, but I still thought it was rather a haunting film so I will give it three stars.