When In Rome

Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 
When In Rome
When In Rome

When In Rome – Movie Review


Beth is a young, ambitious New Yorker who is completely unlucky in love. However, on a whirlwind trip to Rome, she impulsively steals some coins from a reputed fountain of love, and is then aggressively pursued by a band of suitors.


When In Rome is okay. It’s kind of a chick flick. The idea is that Kristen Bell is a high powered young woman who works at the Guggenheim for Angelica Houston as her boss, and she has never been very good at love. We see a kind of cringe worthy problem with an ex-boyfriend in the opening scenes of the movie, and she goes to Rome to marry off her younger sister. Once there, she almost falls in love and then gets jilted once again. In a moment of, I guess, chick flick revenge, she takes love coins out of the Trevi fountain and it turns out that if you pick up somebody’s coin, they’ll fall in love with you. Hilarity ensues where all of these unlikely suitors, including Will Arnett and Danny Devito, pursue her through New York, and then there’s Nick, who is adorably played by Josh Duhamel. This is all quite predictable, but very pretty written and acted, and genuinely charming, and the perfect Valentine’s movie. So, When In Rome, do Rome. Three stars.