Tuesday, June 25 th, 2019 at 00:06 am 

Tribes is at the Barrow Street Theatre, directed by David Cromer, who did the terrific Our Town at Barrow Street Theatre, and this is another triumph. It stars a wonderful cast that’s really headlined by Mare Winningham, yeah that Mare Winningham, and the cast is uniformly good. The idea is that this is a British family (it’s theatre in the round), somewhat dysfunctional, very smart family with two sons and a daughter who kind of bicker at each other, and everybody’s literary except the one son who was born deaf.  This is a play about what we hear, how we hear, trying to talk with each other on our own terms, understanding each other, and love; it’s very touching. The first act is significantly better than the second, that act is one of the best things I’ve probably ever seen. The second act doesn’t work quite as well. I know ending a play is always difficult, but it’s still a terrific theatre experience. Four stars.