Touching Home

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Touching Home
Touching Home

Touching Home – Movie Review


The true story about a father struggling to make amends with his twin sons as they pursue their dreams of professional baseball.


Touching Home is inspired by a true story. Two identical twin brothers, Logan and Noah Miller, have a memoir that was called “Either You’re In, or You’re in the Way” about their father, who was clearly not a very nice guy. They acted in, directed, wrote, and produced the movie. The saving graces in this movie are really Ed Harris who plays the father and Brad Dourif, who plays the challenged brother. Robert Forester plays their coach. This is kind of a sophisticated home movie, and while, allegedly, the movie was made because the boys wanted to honor their father, what I think it really does is show how angry they still are at him. The story depicts how the brother’s father’s drinking tarnished their lives and upbringing and their pursuance of careers in baseball. There is a mild amount of redemption at the end, but not much. Ed Harris is always wonderful to watch, but the movie doesn’t quite make it and what we see is more anger than forgiveness. Two stars.