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Tomorrow Morning is a warmly sophisticated new musical about the coupling and uncoupling of relationships. Witty, moving and emotionally complex, Tomorrow Morning speaks to anyone who has ever fallen in or out of love. Tomorrow Morning has received previous productions in both London and Chicago and in 2009, won Chicago’s Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Musical.


Tomorrow Morning is at the York Theater Company which does musicals on a very small scale and quite often quite effectively. For example, they did a great job of Enter Laughing, which went on to Broadway. I’m not sure this is going to go on to Broadway, but it does have some appeal. The problem is it just needs to be juiced up a little bit. We’ve got two couples who, you will figure out fairly early on, represent each other 10 years apart. The men sort of vaguely resemble each other. The women have only the same hair color, they’re not even the same size or shape. But the idea is what happens with love when it’s just beginning. We have one couple, Jack and Kat, on the night before their wedding; and we have 10 years later, which we figure out eventually, John and Catherine, who are the night before their divorce 10 years later. We go back and forth between their memories and what was going on.

The problem is several-fold. First of all, the cast is adequate but not particularly charismatic until the very end, and it may just be that they were having an off night. The set is adequate, but not very interesting. And the songs, with about three exceptions, all sound exactly the same. However, having said that, with a little bit of juice, I think this could really be something for a couples who are either just starting out in life together or deciding to not go farther together, to sort of give a look at how love changes and how memory can serve us and disturb us. So I’ll give it three stars.