Three Blind Mice

Monday, May 20 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice – Movie Review


Three young Navy officers hit Sydney for one last night on land before being shipped over to the Gulf to fight. Sam has been mistreated at sea and is going AWOL, Dean has a fiancé and the future in-laws to meet, and Harry just loves playing cards. Throughout the night the boys lose each other, find themselves, and along the way discover courage, friendship and redemption.


Three Blind Mice is a very dark comedy about three Australian Naval officers who are on leave and have to act out their male-ness in various ways including getting a hotel room, getting women, getting drunk, I guess what Naval officers do the world over before they return to Iraq. There is a hidden secret that all three of them share that is both upsetting to the movie and to each of the characters and gets worked out in a fairly intellectually astute and honest way by the end. This is a movie shot on a low budget, but the budget doesn’t affect the enjoyment of the film, which is seeing three actors and an intelligent script tell you about commitment and honor and responsibility, and perhaps even love in ways you hadn’t thought about before.