The Strip

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
The Strip
The Strip

The Strip – Movie Review


The Strip” is a character-driven comedy dissecting the lives of five employees of a low-end electronics chain called, Electri-City. The ensemble of colorful, yet grounded, characters takes us deeper into the monotonous world of working at a strip mall. Bound by the constraints of suburban life and a ¼ mile of strip mall, they, like everybody else, dream of something more. As their stories interweave their friendships are tested. Ultimately they struggle together to find that some dreams are not worth chasing.


THE STRIP is a surprisingly engaging movie about five nerds who are, yeah, you got it, not stripping, but working in a strip mall. And we’ve seen it all before. But there’s a certain heart to this that is really kind of charming, that makes you actually root for the characters. So, I’ll give this little tiny movie two and a half stars.