The Speakeasy Dollhouse: Brothers Booth

Cynthia von Buhler + The Speakeasy Dollhouse: Brothers Booth
Sunday, April 21 st, 2019 at 00:04 am Dr Joy Browne
Director (s):
Cynthia von Buhler

“The Speakeasy Dollhouse: Brothers Booth” is at the Player’s Club which is on Gramercy Park, which was started, which was bought and built by Edwin Booth, who is the brother of John Wilkes Booth. For the last two years they’ve been having a kind of interactive theater experience. The play is set in 1919, which was the night that the John Wilkes Booth statue was dedicated to be in Gramercy Park, which is the only statue of an actor in any city park, unless you consider Shakespeare, which of course for purposes of this, we won’t. It was also the night the Volstead Act, which was temperance, was enacted. They’ve expanded it to not just include two rooms and the alley, but a cast of probably 15 people, and having to do with the rivalry, and it set it along the lines that Sleep No More was set, which is the terrific look at McBeth which was done at an abandoned hotel. This has some great possibilities because it is great story, but it has some kinks. I must admit. There are too many people, you have to stand in line for too long, it is too hot and too disorganized. It is a great idea, so hopefully with a little bit of effort, unless you’re really interested in being part of the hipster scene, and you’re going to have enough to drink that you won’t mind. It does have some possibilities, it is just not there yet, 2.5 stars