The Screwtape Letters

Sunday, June 16 th, 2019 at 00:06 am 


The Screwtape Letters explores the spiritual warfare of souls between heaven and hell as told from demons’ point of view.


The Screwtape Letters is at the Westside Theatre on 43rd Street. It’s basically a virtuoso performance by Max McLean as Screwtape, who is kind of a disciple of the devil, I suppose. This is written by C.S. Lewis, who did the Narnia books.  A lot of people feel it’s very controversial about Christianity — it’s a long monologue basically. Screwtape has a sidekick called Toadpipe, played by Elise Girardin, who is wonderful,  and plays this kind of factotum with a great costume. The lighting is wonderful here. The only criticism I have  is that it’s very talky. But this is really intelligent theatre at its most virtuoso. It really has some genuinely funny lines about God and man and the devil and how the devil wins, and it’s beautifully staged. The only problem as I said is that it’s very talky, so you really do have to pay attention, but your attention will be well rewarded in the 90 minutes. So, I gave it four and a half stars.