The Royal Family

Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 
 The Royal Family

The Royal Family

The Royal Family – Theater Review


Opening in the chic New York City duplex, The Royal Family is a comedy about the Cavendishes, a family of theater stars who go about their glamorous business – looking at scripts, running to performances, and even finding a little time for romance. But what will the family think when they find out that one of their own is thinking of giving up the stage for married life?


The Royal Family has Jan Maxwell in it, who is a wonderful actress and thank goodness she finally got something that’s worthy of her talent. The amazing Rosemary Harris is also present as well as Reg Rogers, John Glover, Larry Pine. Tony Roberts was supposed to be in the play the night I was there, but decided to take the night off, so I can’t review him. This is George F. Kaufman and Edna Furber’s take on the Barrymores, who were the royal family of theater and everybody chews on the scenery a bit. It’s a wonderful set. It’s really old fashioned terrific theater and Jan Maxwell with very likely going to win at least a nomination for a Tony and a Drama Desk Award. She may even receive it. Rosemary Harris is also so lovely to watch. You’ll get some genuine chuckles out of it. It’s just a warm lovely experience. Four stars.