The Philanthropist

Friday, May 24 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 
The Philanthropist

The Philanthropist

The Philanthropist – Theater Review


Matthew Broderick returns to Broadway, headlining the Roundabout Theatre Company’s Broadway revival of Christopher Hampton’s The Philanthropist under the direction of David Grindley.


“The Philanthropist” is a play by Christopher Hampton, who’s also done Les Liaisons Dangereuses. This was written in 1971 and it has not aged well. The cast includes Steven Webber from Wings, and Matthew Broderick from Ferris Bueller, War Games, and of course, The Producers. This was a very difficult theater experience. It’s not only that the play doesn’t age well, it’s that the cast sport fake British accents and I’m still not sure exactly what it was about. I suppose it was about the seven deadly sins, of which, they only did five because greed and gluttony are really the same one. I have no idea what this was trying to accomplish nor did the audience. Half the people walked out at the intermission. I’ll give it one star for trying and because Steven Webber is a TV star that you may want to see and Matthew Broderick is certainly a success of the past, but this is theater that doesn’t work at all.