The New Twenty

Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
 The New Twenty

The New Twenty

The New Twenty – Movie Review


Your 30’s are the new 20’s!


“The New 20” is code for 30-year-olds, or 35-year-olds that decide that they’re the new 20s. It’s about five college friends who reunite after college to see where each of their lives have gone. It’s actually a story about love, growing up, loyalty, reality, and getting over who you thought you were, and becoming who you actually are. The cast is uniformly good, people that you’ve never seen before but you probably will see again. The script is very smart. It’s an interesting compilation, and sort of concoction of gay and straight stories. Believe it or not, the couple that you’re going to fall in love with is the one that you think you’ll fall in love with the least. This is a don’t-miss movie. Five stars.