The Narrows

Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2019 at 00:05 am 
The Narrows
The Narrows

The Narrows – Movie Review


A 19 year old Brooklyn boy who is torn between two worlds when his photography portfolio wins him a partial scholarship to NYU. He must figure out how to balance his Italian neighborhood roots with the expansive, sophisticated world on the other side of the East River. This compelling coming-of-age story combines suspense, murder and loyalty. Based on Tim McLoughlin’s novel “Heart of the Old Country.”


“The Narrows” stars Vincent D’Onofrio and Kevin Zegers. The story is not unusual. We see a kid from Brooklyn, who wants to make good. His father has been retired on disability from the transit authority and is currently working as a bookie. The question is does the kid go straight or does he go with the mob. The cast has a lot of people whose faces you will recognize, even if you don’t recognize their names, including the great Roger Rees. It’s not a bad idea, it just needed some editing because the best stuff happens in the last 15 minutes. So, three stars.