The Nance

Jack O'Brien + The Nance
Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am Dr. Joy Browne
Director (s):
Jack O'Brien
Nathan Lane, Jonny Orsini, Lewis J. Stadlen, Cady Huffman, Andrea Burns, Jenni Barber, Mylinda Hull, Geoffrey Allen Murphy
Broadway, Celebs on Stage, Burlesque

The Nance stars Nathan Lane as a man who is gay in 1937 and working in NY in Burlesque when Mayor Laguardia decides to crack down on so called deviant behavior. This play has several different sort of subplots, the first is Laguardia being a prude and somewhat of a thug, the second is Nathan Lane getting to play vaudeville, which to a certain extent was the least successful part, and the third was a love story, which I kind of liked but has less resonance than the other stuff. Cady Huffman plays Sylvie, so there’s sort of a political undertone in this as she’s a communist/socialist. It’s very uneven, partially because the burlesque is crude and rude, which I guess burlesque was. The thing I liked best about the whole thing was they have a brunch with the showgirls and Nathan and his boyfriend and one of the straight guys, who’s somewhat homophobic, having scrambled eggs and bacon. I thought that was really charming where everyone is prancing around and they’re friends and I probably would have preferred the play being that. Nathan has a couple of really pointed scenes, one of which is a monologue where he’s explaining to a judge the first amendment, and I think that’s where he’s most successful and heartfelt. The burlesque stuff, I thought, didn’t work terribly well, but a lot of people liked it a lot better than I did. It was just so uneven and so many different strings going through it, which some worked and some of them didn’t. Two and a half stars.

Joy Meter