The Living Wake

Monday, April 22 nd, 2019 at 00:04 am 
The Living Wake
The Living Wake

The Living Wake – Movie Review


“The Living Wake” is a dark comedy which chronicles the final day in the life of self-proclaimed artist and genius.


The Living Wake is too cute by about 300,000. It stars Jesse Eisenberg who seems to be in every movie ever made the days. It also stars Mike O’Connell. The idea isn’t terrible. It’s kind of an ironic tongue in cheek satiric look at life and relationships and how we live our lives. It just gets grating after a while. It’s just too cutesy. The first five minutes which are done as a newsreel are kind of fun. The story is about a man named K Roth who grows up in a family and he goes out on an outing with his father and he asks him what the mean of life is. The father says, at some point I will give you a monologue that will tell you everything and then disappears so the kid goes through his whole life thinking his father doesn’t love him. He is finally pronounced about to die of some indeterminate disease so he invites everybody who’s had any meaning in his life to his wake, hence the term “living wake”. Jesse Eisenberg is a little waif and he peddles K Roth around in his rickshaw. As you can see it gets really cutesy. I think the problem is really the writing to a certain extent. It’s also written by Mike O’Connell who is also one of the producers and it stars Mike O’Connell and it probably could have used another hand to say “Mike, let’s ratchet it down a little bit.” So I gave it three stars for originality, one star for entertainment value and so I average it out to two stars but that’s probably being a bit generous.