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Wednesday, July 17 th, 2019 at 00:07 am 
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The Last New Yorker – Movie Review


Lifelong friends Lenny (Dominic Chianese) and Ruben (Dick Latessa) are both in their 70s and dyed-in-the-wool New Yorkers. The New York they inhabit is fading away: the places they’ve frequented for years give them a refuge from the changes they see around them. At last they are confronted with the reality that the last holdouts are a threatened species, and they are too.


THE LAST NEW YORKER stars Dominic Chianese, Dick Latessa, and Kathleen Chalfant. I watched this mostly because mostly I am a great fan of Kathleen Chalfant; it also has Josh Hamilton in it for a little bit of eye candy. This is not an unpleasant experience, it is just kind of a long shaggy dog story about a man living in New York who is getting toward the end of his life and has a buddy that he hangs out with. It turns out that he used to work in the garment district and has been retired and working off of his investments for years, but he is always taking risks with his money and is now broke. He is nearly stalking Kathleen who is a woman of a certain age, whom he decides he is in love with. The last 20 minutes of the movie are not bad, but it takes a whole hour plus to get there. As I said, it is one long shaggy dog story. It is not horrifying, it is just not — if you had to pay for it you probably wouldn’t be very interested in it. One star.