The Kid

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
The Kid
The Kid

The Kid – Theater Review


Based on the true story of what happens when sex columnist Dan Savage and his boyfriend decide to start a family.

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The Kid is a new musical that’s at New Group Theater on 42nd street. This one is one of the very few musicals that they’ve ever done there. They actually originated Avenue Q there. But this is the first one in a long time. It is well worth your time and effort. The first act contains some of the smartest, funniest, cleverest set of lyrics I’ve ever heard, and I see everything. So, if that sounds like I’m investing in a project, forget about it, I’m not. I just think it’s terrific and I want you to go see it. It’s based on the book by Dan Savage. And I checked with my daughter, who lives in Seattle, and says that he’s a real person who writes a sex column, even though he keeps referring to it as a political / relationship column. He’s gay and he wants to adopt a baby, and the musical goes through that whole experience. As I said, the first act is significantly better than the second, although the second is more emotional. But this is really smart, clever theater. Now, are you going to go out singing any of the songs? Probably not. But, you’ll have a great time there and I’m sure you’ll be moved by the material. It’s got a really good cast. Dan is Christopher Sieber, who is also in Shrek. The guy who plays Terry, his lover, is Lucas Steele who was in Three Penny Opera with Cyndy Lauper and Alan Cummings in Oliver Twist. So, it’s a really good cast. You’ll like it. Jill Eikenberry is also in it. This is a great experience. This gets four stars. Go see it.