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Algernon Moncrieff is a slightly shady, but charming gentlemen from a wealthy family who has a bad habit of throwing his money away. Algernon has a close friend named Jack Worthing a self-made man who acts as a ward to his cousin, a beautiful young lady named Cecily. Algernon has created an alter ego to help him get out of tight spots brought on by his financial improprieties, and when he learns that Jack has created a false identity of his own — Earnest, a brother living in London whose exploits have earned him no small amount of notoriety — Algernon arrives for a weekend visit in the country posing as the mysterious Earnest.


Okay, it’s an old-fashioned play. Okay, it does have some wonderful lines in it by Oscar Wilde. In fact, somebody I know got offended at one of the lines, so it’s that modern. But the reason to go see this very posh production at the American Airlines Theatre is certainly Brian Bedford, who plays  Lady Bracknell and he’s wonderful. The story is two young men are in love with two different women — who cares about the story? If you don’t know it, you should go see it, just because it’s fun. If you know it, you’ve seen it a thousand times. The scenery is gorgeous, but the reason, as I said, to go see this is Brian Bedford. Dana Ivey is in it for a few brief moments, but as long as Brian Bedford’s onstage, the whole thing zings. When he’s not, not so much, so the second act, which I’ve always thought was kind of tedious, is more tedious than usual, just because of the contrast. But go see it for Brian Bedford. 3.5 stars.