Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 




Son and heir to Los Angeles newspaper fortune decides to become a kick butt vigilante after the death of his father.


The Green Hornet I saw in IMAX 3D, which I supposed if you’re going to see it is the way to see it.  I’m not such a great fan of 3D, but this one actually may be the first action movie that figured out a way to use 3D.  The story is Seth Rogen plays the spoiled son of a wealthy man, who’s Tom Wilkinson, who’s wonderful as he always is, who runs a newspaper empire, and Seth ends up inheriting it when his father seems to have been stung by a bee.  Cato his father’s mechanic and coffee maker later strike up an unlikely alliance.  Cato was actually wonderful.  He is a star in China and apparently learned English, such as it is, for this role.  He’s adorable.  He’s charming and smart and funny, and he does all of the moves.  If you like Seth Rogen a lot, you’re probably going to enjoy this movie.  I don’t; I thought Seth Rogen was a much more appealing character when he was heavy and some what self-deprecating.  I think what he is in this one is pretty much smug.  Cameron Diaz plays his older girlfriend, because she’s 36 or something; a joke that didn’t work very well.  Basically, the action sequences worked well.  Christopher Waltz, who won an Oscar last year for his work as a Nazi, plays a bad guy, and he’s wonderful in this.  I mean, there are a lot of things to like about this.  The movie itself really doesn’t work very well.  I liked the explosions, I liked some of the car chases, but there’s too much Seth Rogen in this.  He stars in it, he wrote it, and apparently, I think he’s one of the producers on it.  I mean, — if somebody else had been in it, it would have been a much more appealing movie.  Clearly they’re going to think about a sequel.  It will probably make money.  But the reason to see it is really Cato, not Seth.  I give it two stars.