The Grand Manner

Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2019 at 00:05 am 
The Grand Manner
The Grand Manner

The Grand Manner – Theater Review


A mix of remembrance and imagination, The Grand Manner is a love letter to fabled actress Katherine Cornell and a heartfelt look back at the glorious heyday of the Broadway theatre, inspired by the playwright’s experience.


The Grand Manner is the at Lincoln Center with a great cast including Kate Burton, who plays Katherine Cornell, Bobby Steggart, who is standing in for the playwright A.J. Gurney, Boyd Gaines, who plays the husband, and Brenda Wehle. The acting is terrific, but ironically the problem is that we’re not terribly interested in any of the characters. It also really is a bit slow. I usually see things very early in the run and this one I saw a little later and I think that the reviews have not been good. I never read a review until after I have done mine, but I had the feeling from the cast that they had not been lauded with praise and the audience was only about half full. It is a talented cast and an interesting story, but not enough happens and it goes on for an hour and 35 minutes and you feel that it is longer than that. It seemed like the cast had been abandoned by either the director or the material in spite of a terrific set, great costumes and a somewhat trite story about a young man’s loss of innocence. Lamentably I can only give it two stars.