The Golden Boys

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
The Golden Boys
The Golden Boys

The Golden Boys – Movie Review


Based on the best-selling novel by Joseph C. Lincoln titled “Cap’n Eri,” “The Golden Boys” boasts an all-star cast. Set in Cape Cod at the turn on the century, three retired sea captains living together decide that they only way to keep their house in order is for one of them to get married. There is just one problem; none of them wants to get married.


“The Golden Boys” refers to Rip Torn, Bruce Dern, and David Carradine, yeah Mr. Kung Fu. They are three old shipmates, who are living together, and can’t stand each other’s cooking, so they then decide that they need a woman. No, not a maid. One of them has to get married, and so in a head of heads or tails, the odd man is the chosen. So they advertise it, no, not on, this is 1905 in Cape Cod. They put an ad out for basically a mail order bride, and there is great hilarity that ensues when there is a mistake in identity, and Merial Hemingway is really the one who shows up. Then we have to figure out who falls in love with whom, there’s a daring rescue at sea, and a slight turn of events. It is such fun to watch these three guys bounce off of each other. Charles Durning and John Savage also join the cast, as a whole bunch of guys who are no longer young, but are still full of fun and vitality. Four stars.