The Flying Karamazov Brothers in 4Play

Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 
The Flying Karamazov Brothers in 4Play
The Flying Karamazov Brothers in 4Play

The Flying Karamazov Brothers in 4Play – Theatre


The Flying Karamazov Brothers in 4Play combine objects, musical instruments (both traditional and invented) and their own bodies in a unique blend of music, comedy, dance, theatre and juggling.


The Flying Karamazov Brothers in 4Play is at the Minetta Lane Theater. I’ve seen the Flying Karamazov Brothers a number of times, and I think there’s only one of the original Karamazov Brothers there, who is Paul Magio, who is certainly the oldest of the four. This is really fun. Kids love it. My problem was, they’ve now made what was a short and sweet 90 minute show into a 100 minute show with an intermission, and it doesn’t really hold up. I mean, the intermission is to sell stuff and that’s just sort of a bore. Some of the things that seem a bit tedious, now go on for too long. The four characters, who are neither Russian nor brothers and don’t actually fly, are incredibly talented musicians, singers and jugglers. So it really is fun to be there. It’ll put a smile on your face. The first 15 minutes are just plain magical, but it just — it drags on a bit. So I think of instead of having an intermission they should sell their stuff at the end, when people would be so enthusiastic because they’ve had such a good time. But this is really great fun for you and the kids. But promise me, if you do take your kid that you won’t let your kid talk through the entire thing. It still is theater, and people have paid money to hear what’s going on onstage, not to hear your cherub. Thank you. Three and a half stars.