The Explorer’s Club

Marc Brunil, Nell Benjamin + The Explorer's Club
Friday, May 24 th, 2019 at 00:05 am Joy Browne
Director (s):
Marc Brunil, Nell Benjamin
Brian Avers, Max Baker, Steven Boyer, Arnie Burton, Carson Elrod, David Furr, John McMartin, Lorenzo Pisoni

The Explorer’s Club is one of those little morsels that is just plain delicious. It’s the perfect thing to see, especially on a sweltering summer night. It’s in an over air conditioned theatre (which the Manhattan Theatre Club tends to do) and the setting takes place in 1879 in a Gentleman’s club. The play itself is very well written, and the plot deals with a young man, who is acting president of the Explorer’s Club, John McMartin as a theologian scientist, and two men who are involved with science. The situation is disrupted by two factors: One is a woman who wants to join the Explorer’s Club because she’s found a lost city, and then the real President of the Explorer’s club comes home, who turns out to be dangerous as an explorer because he’s the only one who ever comes home alive from expeditions. What ensues is sexual politics, should a woman be allowed to be in the Explorer’s Club, and arguments between theology and science. This a great play. The acting is great, the jokes are funny, the set is fantastic. It’s just fun. 5 stars. Go see it.

Joy Meter